Friday, February 17, 2012

Pictures+Trends= Inspiration

You all may have seen my newest poll, and thought, "What? I haven't heard of any of these things." If you haven't let me introduce my four favorite beauty trends of Winter/Spring 2012:

Bold Brows: I love, love bold brows! They totally change the look of your face, and really give a elegant look to your eyes.

How to: Just don't pluck, except to nab stray hairs that grow outside your natural eyebrow perimeters. If you want a slightly bolder look, purchase an eye pencil (If you are a brunette, buy a shade lighter than your natural color; if you are blonde buy a shade darker) and make small flicks in the same direction as the hairs grow. Then take either a clear mascara or an eyebrow comb and brush the color, blending it in with the brow.

Glossy Lids: This is a different look, but are very pretty and easy to do. Just don't use anything but a neutral color. Shiny plus intense color can look too circus-y!

How to: First take a neutral shade of eyeshadow (such as taupe, medium brown, or light gold) and apply it to your entire lid. By lid, I mean from your eyelashes to your crease. (You can identify your crease by closing your eye and feeling around for the area where your eyeball meets the bone. That is your crease.) Next take a very small amount of petroleum jelly, and pat it onto your lid, on top of the eyeshadow. Do not rub it. The warmth of your skin will make it smooth out, and rubbing will only diffuse the the eyeshadow. If you use the proper small amount of petroleum it will give your eyes a subtle glow...we aren't going for a glossy, lacquered look.

Navy Nails: Although I'm not a "dark" polish person, I love the look of these. Just make sure that the polish has some shimmer, otherwise you'll end up looking a bit, well, gothic.

How To: First, your nails cannot be long if you do this manicure. Trust me, it looks bad. See my previous article (Q and A Beauty Edition) for directions on a long-lasting manicure. Make sure to add a top coat too!

Extreme Curl/Frizz: This hairstyle is quite practical, especially for days when your hair won't do a thing. Your hair will do this. Anytime. And look naturally cute while doing it.

How to: Take dry hair divide hair into sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness of your hair. I only need 5 sections, while one of my sisters, Kay, would probably need about 12. (Ok, ok, I'm jealous.) The divisions don't have to be precise. Just take each section of hair, and twist it and twist it, until it has a squiggly sort of bun against your head. Take a hair band and, while holding the mini bun securely, wrap it around the base of the of the bun, making it tight. Once you have repeated for all your sections, then either let them sit in your hair for several hours, or take a blow dryer and blow it on each bun. This will heat up the hair, helping to  retain the curl, and speeding up the process. If you use a hair dryer, you only need to let the mini buns sit  for a half hour. 

Take the buns out, run your fingers  through the curls, and mist with all over with a light veil of hairspray. If you want more volume, brush out curls, but don't pull on them. Then gradually work through hair, holding a section perpendicular to your head and hairspraying it, as you gradually let the hair fall. You can also tease hair for additional volume.

One last note... These beauty ideas are very different. Experiment before you rock these looks in public, simply because confidence is the key! So, try something new; you might discover your new signature look.

P.S. Vote on the poll: which look would you try?

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