Friday, February 24, 2012

Beauty and the Heat

Yes, that picture embodies what I feel like on most summer days. I feel even more this way when I'm out in the sun, with make-up on. Sun plus makeup creates one of the most yucky feelings, and, what is more, you can't wipe that sweat dripping off your forehead. Talk about torture...
I think we'd all rather feel like this. I've found out some things about summer beauty the hard way, but I'd like to spare you all the trouble. Below, I've listed my tips for feeling fresh and breezy, even during the most oppressive heat.
Go minimal: Don't wear as much makeup or as heavy of formulas in the summer. If you are used to wearing liquid foundation, start wearing a light mineral foundation; if you only wear mineral then go bare, only using concealer when needed. This sounds odd, but your skin will actually improve if you don't let your sweat mix with makeup. I'll list my summer essentials in a later post.
Let your hair go: I found out too late, that summer does not look kindly upon full bangs/fringes. I suffered through the heat, rarely able to let them down, and, when I did, they became sweaty and gross within the hour. Instead, grow out your full bangs in favor of face framing layers. Wash your tresses with a moisturizing formula (I like Suave Almond/Shea Butter), and avoid too much sun exposure. This will prevent your hair from getting brittle, breaking, and creating fly aways. Let your hair thrive in its natural texture, heat styling occasionally.
Move it: I can not stress the importance of excercise. It revs up your metabolism, enables your body to rid itself of toxins, and boosts positive thoughts. Excercise especially helps your skin, because it clears your pores, and brings the blood to the surface, making any imperfections heal at a quicker pace. Summer is a great time for moving; get out a take a walk or run, ride a bike, or swim. Make yourself a goal, like jogging for 30 minutes every day or doing 25 push-ups. You will find yourself enjoying the challenge, and feeling better and more accomplished. It may seem silly, but excercise should be a part of your beauty routine.
I'll be posting my Summer Beauty Tutorial in the near future!

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