Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

What I’m thinking: God is so gracious to me; I’ve been blessed beyond compare.

What I’m reading:  Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. That  man is brilliant, and my amazement grows every chapter I read.
What I’m listening to: Well, this is strange, but let me explain. I don’t like Dev’s music…overall. But, recently, I heard her song, Dancing Shoes, and really enjoyed it. Why? It’s very un-Dev.
What I’m  learning: How to deal with an extremely tight schedule in a semi-sane manner.
What I’m watching: We re-watched the 5-hour Pride and Prejudice this last weekend. That movie brings me fresh waves of happiness, embarrassment, and sadness.
What’s cooking: I made Jillian Michael’s fudgy brownies from her cookbook, Mastering Your Metabolism. They are yummmmay and good-for-you too!

What I’m thankful for: A brain created in the image of God. I am so happy that I am able to think and analyze, unlike an animal.
What I’m creating: A food budget, which should be interesting since I will have to formulate an entire month’s work of meal plans.
What I’m praying: For focus on the tasks set before me.
What I did this last weekend: I took the SAT this last weekend. It was fun ( I love competition), but my grey cells were fried. Sunday was restful. We had a wonderful time with friends, had a delicious lunch, and played Kinect Dance Central.
What I’m looking forward to: The Youth meeting week.
A picture to share: Here are some personal photos of foods I have made in the last months.
Elvis Bars

 Lemon Herb Chicken (recipe coming soon!)

Homemade Cinnabon-style Cinnamon Rolls (My family liked these, but prefered a different type I made. So, I'll be posting the second recipe, instead of this one.)

P.S. Please vote in my latest tutorial poll! I'd appreciate feedback.

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